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Umberlee, the Bitch Queen,Umberlee, the Bitch Queen, is an intermediate goddess known to the world of Toril. She is Chaotic Evil. Her portfolio includes currents, oceans, sea winds, and waves.

She dwells in the Blood Sea in Blood+Tor, the 13th Layer of the Abyss, a layer she shares with Beshaba. The Blood Sea is an expanse of saltwater constantly beaten by storms, gale-force winds, and torrential waves. Umberlee, the Queen of the Depths, swims in the reddish waters, accompanied by fiendish squids and Myrmixicus demons. Petitioners, including weresharks and humanoids given the form of sharks and other beasts, also accompany Umberlee.

Dungeon #64, "Grotto of the Queen," page 22 features the Tribute Gatherer, an octopus-like creature that serves the goddess Umberlee.

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