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Ukko is a Finnish god of sky, air, and weather. He is lawful good.

He is represented as an old man. He is master of sky and air, and supports the world. He is responsible, the Finns believe, for all weather and protects all avian life. He uses magic and a flaming sword against the forces of evil, and the flaming sword is one of his symbols.

The name of his Realm in Shurrock is unknown, but it can be seen in the sky from the Golden Hills. His realm is relatively cold and snowy; when Ukko is angered, he raises a full-force blizzard to vent his wrath. His proxies are beings called Air Maidens, who appear as winged humans with swords, garbed in flowing robes, and glowing with brilliant light.

Like many Finnish gods, his popularity is fading. He is rapidly losing worshippers to Dazhbog and Perun.

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