Tyranthraxus the Flamed One

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Tyranthraxus is a unique, ancient, disembodied possessor spirit. He was once a powerful general, the conqueror of Barze, the Horreb, and the Vane. He was associated with entities known as the Twisted Ones, who might have included Edranka and Torath.[/b] Tyranthraxus was a cruel man and leveled all that he had taken, murdering the princes of these lands. But the flame that surrounded him consumed him, destroying his body. Freed of its shell, it flew among the men of his army, lighting on each and claiming it. It was then when Baron Schodt imprisoned Tyranthraxus in a vial of water which shone like the light of day. This he sank in the watery depths of Lake Longreach, defeating the armies Tyranthraxus had raised.

Ultimately Tyranthraxus became a lesser power, one of the minor courtiers who bowed before Bane along with
Maram of the Great Spear, Haask the Voice of Hargut, Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud, and Camnod the Unseen
I found the original references to these entities in the Pool of Radiance computer game's booklet. There is more extensive information about Tyranthraxus in the Villains
Lorebook available for free download from the Wizards download page at
this link here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/downloads There's some more information in the Cloak & Dagger web enhancement (the timeline one). http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20010327d

The first mention of the Possessing Spirit is from the ancient legends of the ogres of Thar. Tales of malevolent, possessing spirits appear in most cultures' mythologies and folk tales and, while unlikely, the possibility that
Tyranthraxus spawned at least some of them does exist.

The last recorded appearance of the Possessing Spirit was 1340
DR, in conjunction with the legendary Pool of Radiance. Tyranthraxus
inhabited multiple bodies during these events, but he spent a great
deal of time in the body of a bronze dragon.
When the heroes were on the verge of victory over him, he leapt into a different body and dove into the Pool, using its magic to
teleport away.

There are carefully prepared notes in the Pool of Radiance computer game that indicate, however, that the entity involved with the Pool was not Tyranthraxus at all, but a disguised being called Maram of the Great Spear.

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