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Tyr is the Norse Power of the sword and courage, and watches over battles with as much interest as Odin himself. He is also the godly law enforcer, using his impressive swordsmanship to uphold order in Asgard.

Tyr has only one hand, for he lost the other in the service of his fellow gods. The mighty Fenris wolf was savaging much of Asgard, and the gods were unable to stop him until the dwarves forged a golden leash capable of holding the beast. The gods bet the wolf that he could not break the leash. The suspicious wolf would not agree to the contest unless one of the gods put a hand in his mouth to guarantee his release if the leash could not be broken. The fearless Tyr complied without hesitation, and lost his hand when the wolf realized he was trapped. For this reason he is known as the Maimed God (not to be confused with the Maimed Lord, which is a title of Vecna).

Try has the power to see invisible objects and to recognize any thief within his sight. In his true form, he is a bearded, fierce-looking warrior missing one hand.

As the god of swords, Tyr watches over the Valkyries and makes sure that they bring only the most valiant of mortal heroes to Valhalla. He is also the patron of courageous warriors. There is a chance that he will grant enhanced skill to any hero of good Alignment who risks his life by fighting a giant without help. He sometimes sends his avatar to punish extraordinary crimes, such as the murder of a king or the theft of a kingdom’s most precious treasure. Criminals surviving such an encounter need never fear retribution from Tyr again, however, for he admires courage and skill even more than he does the law.

Although he may visit his fellows in the Realm of Asgard (spending his time there in Valhalla), his personal realm, The Court, is found on Mount Celestia's first Layer of Lunia. Tyr supervises the Court from a marble hall very much like a court of law. No lie can be spoken there, and Bluff checks automatically fail. Ilmater and Torm often come to the Court to consult with the Maimed God.

Current and former servitors of Tyr include Unity-of-Rings and Trias.

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