Two Deaths As One

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He asked if I would make this circle known to him. I unlocked the Eighth Circle for him. As I twisted the links two plates slid free. I gave one to Dak’kon and told him we should both study them. I said that perhaps when he knew the Eighth Circle perhaps he would know Zerthimon’s heart when he made the Pronouncement of Two Skies. His words were not those of the illithids, but of the People, the Githzerai.

Dak’kon stared at the plates, then looked up and matched my gaze. His blade bent and shifted until the shimmering became a silver glow. He seemed stronger somehow.

He said I should know that when death came for me he would meet its blade with his. Know that when all died around me, he would live for my sake. I told Dak’kon that when we died it would be the same death. It shall be the pronouncement of Two Deaths As One.

Thus we learned Zerthimon's Focus.

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