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In the early days of the Vedic Age, Tvashtri was a priest of such power that he dared to create a son whom he hoped would deprive Indra of his position as king of the gods. When Indra jealously destroyed this son, Tvashtri created a monster so powerful that Indra had to resort to trickery to defeat it. As this story illustrates, Tvashtri is a gifted inventor, and it is no wonder that he eventually earned the gift of immortality (either through learning its secret or as a gift of the gods). Now known as Tvashtri the Artificer, he is the Vedic Power of artisans, architects, and inventors. Tvashtri spends most of his time creating the weapons of the gods, many of which he enchants so that they will never do him any harm. In his true form, Tvashtri appears to be nothing more than an ordinary man.

Tvashtri loves inventions, and there is a small chance that he will appear to lend his aid to anybody of good alignment who is attempting to build a particularly interesting or difficult item.

Tvashtri's+Lab can be found in the Outlands.

Source: Legends & Lore (2nd ed.)

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