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An extremely thin, pale, luminous man now stood in the jail cell. He reminded Thane of a window covered with frost - nearly flat, his surface coated with a white sparkling sheen. Long, silvery, silken strands flowed from his head and seemed to float in the air. His almond-shaped eyes had metallic silver centers in place of irises, and they didn't blink. Large, white-feathered wings fanned out from his back. He smiled wryly with teeth like a string of pearls.

- Planescape: Torment novelization

Trias of the Seven Peals is a fallen Deva in the Plugin <em></em> Not Found game. He dwells in Curst. His god, Tyr, charged him with Curst's redemption, but instead he spent years manipulating the Burg's inhabitants toward his own ends, pitting them against one another, poisoning them from within.

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