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One of the most popular gods of the Norse Pantheon, Thor is the Power of thunder, weather, and crops which are unusually vulnerable to the climate. He is also well known as a warrior, for he has battled many monsters on the behalf of the Prime Material Plane and his fellow Asgardians. He has complete control over the weather, and so is sometimes worshipped by merchants who depend upon his good graces to make long trading voyages safe.

At will, he can control any lightning bolt (natural or magical). He rides through the air in a chariot pulled by two magic goats, Tanngrisner and Tanngjost. If slain, these goats magically regenerate at dawn the next day. When wielding his magic hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can break any object. He usually wears a magical girdle, Meginjarder, which gives him strength beyond all others. Thor is a large, red-bearded man, usually dressed in chain mail.

Thor is direct, uncomplicated, strong, loud, and has a tremendous appetite for drink and food. He is a special friend of mankind, and there is very small chance that he will send his avatar to aid one of his priests in dire need of help. Omens from Thor are usually associated with the weather, especially thunder, lightning, and storms. He is chaotic good.

He resides with his fellow deities in Asgard. Thor lives with his wife Sif in Thrudheim, a mountainous area of Asgard known for violent storms and landslives. Their hall there is called Bilkirnir, an oak and iron-shod affair filled with the rowdiest and deadliest warriors in the realm of the Aesir.

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