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Terrance, a human in his early sixties, is possibly the most
mellow of all the factols in Sigil. While most of the Athar seem bitter and seek
to convert believers whenever possible, Terrance seems laid-back in his
approach. See, the dark of it is that while most Athar hate all the powers
as the great deceivers of the multiverse, Terrance judges them on an individual
basis, and recognizes that some are good, and some are bad. In fact, he
still has nothing but respect for his former deity Mishakal, a goddess of
healing. That's not to say that he still considers her divine - he doesn't
- he simply sees her as a powerful being that does good.

Terrance was among those factols mazed at the start of the Faction War. He hasn't been seen since.

Sources: The Factol's Manifesto, Faction War

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