Tarsellis Meunniduin

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Tarsellis is the patron god of those known as snow elves, who mainly inhabit the Crystalmist mountains of Oerth. Tarsellis is a hearty warrior and a capable hunter, so it’s a surprise that he and Solonor Thelandira aren’t friends. The truth is that they once were but that they had an argument that they’ve never gotten over. It should also be said that Tarsellis is a rival of sorts with Rillifane Rallathil, since Tarsellis also claims to have control of those forests which grow among the mountain ranges. Tarsellis’s followers are almost wholly snow elves, though others sometimes give tribute to him as Lord of the Mountains.

Tarsellis has a Realm on the first Layer of Ysgard called the Wild Hunt. His allies include Rellavar, Fenmarel, Shaundakul, Fharlanghn, and Ulaa.

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