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Tanar'ri (teh-NAH-ree) are residents of the Abyss. They are one of the most prominent races of the Lower Planes, and feature heavily in the Blood War.

Tanar'ri are known for their cruelty and individualistic behavior. It is speculated that there are as many different sub-races within this race as there are layers in the+Abyss. Here follows a list of the more common demons:

Least tanar'ri: Manes, Dretches, Jovocs, Rutterkin.

Lesser tanar'ri: Alu-Fiends, Cambions, Armanites, Maurezhi, Colchiln, Succubus, Incubus, Yochlol, Bar-lgura, Bulezau, Uridezu.

Greater tanar'ri: Nabassu, Chasme, Babaus, goristroi, Palrethee, Wastrilith, Arrow demons.

True tanar'ri: Vrocks, Jariliths, Kelvezu, Hezrou, Glabrezu, Alkiliths, Mariliths, Myrmixicuses, Sorrowsworn demons, Nalfeshnee, Balors.

Guardian tanar'ri: Molydeus, Klurichirs.

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