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Talos the Destroyer is a greater Power of Toril that embodies the dark side of nature. His portfolio includes blizzards, conflagration, destruction, earthquakes, hurricanes, ocean storms, ravaging beasts and monsters, rebellion, vortices, and storms. He is chaotic evil. He is a frequent patron of the Doomguard. He is occasionally in conflict with Siva, who dislikes the malevolent joy Talos takes in destruction.

Talos rules over the three Gods of Fury: Umberlee, Auril, and Malar. He imprisoned Malar in Carceri after he grew jealous of Malar's growing flock of worshipers.

The Realm of Talos, the Towers of Ruin, is in Pandesmos, on the plane of Pandemonium. The continuous lightning, stinging rain, and hurricane-force winds of the realm have turned the "towers" that compose his palace into little more than rocks stacked precariously atop one another on a steep, rocky hill. The winds of Pandemonium aren't quite so savage near the edges of the realm, but they're still as bad as anywhere in the plane.

The Petitioners in Talos' realm take the form of sentient lightning.

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