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Takhisis is a greater deity of evil from the Dragonlance world of Krynn, superficially similar to Tiamat. While Tiamat is a goddess of avarice, however, the sin of Takhisis is pride.

Realm: She's a lawful evil Power, but is said to reside in the Abyss, something that doesn't make much sense. Let Clueless be clueless, as the greybeard once said.

Takhisis actually has a realm in Avernus called Abthalom, the Nether Reaches.

Relationships: Of all the gods, Takhisis was the closest to Ionthas, and his evil influenced her to also seek to dominate Krynn and its cosmos. Some say she betrayed Ionthas and stole much of his power. She became the ruler of the Krynnish gods of evil. The consort of Takhisis is Sargonnas, who sired their son Nuitari and their daughter Zeboim. She also bore a daughter, Artha, whose father is Chemosh.

Death: Note that Takhisis dies in 421 AC, which by my calculations is about 37
years after the Faction War in Sigil. (Because the year 127 in
Hashkar's reign is equivalent to 384 AC according to The Planewalker's Handbook, and Krynn only has a 336 day year as opposed to 364 days in Sigil's philosophical year).

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