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Surya is the Vedic Power of the rising and setting sun. He is charged with bringing an end to night and regulating the end of the day. He is often called upon to heal diseases and to bring luck to the people. Surya has the power to put almost any number of beings to sleep. He can so see any event that occurs under the sun’s light. In his true form, Surya is a man with dark red skin and long golden hair. He has a third eye in the middle of his forehead and four arms on his torso. He is often seen riding his one-wheeled chariot, which is pulled by seven horses (each a different color of the rainbow).

Surya is generally a beneficent being who on rare occasions grants a worshiper luck in the form of an opportunity to repeat a critical die roll. Surya has no use for thieves, murderers, and others who benefit by conducting their business in the dark. Omens from Surya generally arrive at dawn in the form of an illusion.

Surya shares a Realm, Goldfire, with Mitra on Mount Celestia's second Layer of Mercuria. Goldfire is a realm of constant radiance neighboring Vishnu's realm, the Divine Lotus. Rich and fertile jungles fill much of it, and its light destroys all undead and illuminates all invisible creatures. Marrashad is Surya's city of the dawn, a jasmine-scented place of waxing and waning light. Its many-colored walls are as subtly changing as the light of dawn itself. It's also the home of the Crucible of Light, which purges those who step within it of all evil  tendencies.

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