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Spragg (LG male human Expert10/Ftr5 Doomguard)

Once the cringing assistant to Ely Cromlich, Spragg has grown a great deal since the Faction War, becoming one of the great leaders of the Doomguard.

The Doomguard led by Spragg have embraced the belief that things are falling apart too fast, pointing to the Faction War as a wake-up call to those Sinkers that think otherwise. Perhaps shaken by the destruction unleashed during the war, these "Ashers" don’t view rapid decay with as much love as they used to. Believing wholeheartedly that the multiverse has its own path to destruction, they think it is wrong to accelerate its end, and perhaps cause unnecessary harm to the planes.

At first glance, Spragg appears to be better suited for membership in the Fraternity of Order than the Doomguard. He is a puny, middle-aged man. He is rapidly losing his prematurely gray hair, and thick spectacles make up for his failing eyesight. He is most often seen covered in ink stains with a sheaf of papers under one arm and a quill stuck behind one ear. Despite his apparent frailty, Spragg has a keen mind and is very observant.

After allying with the Doomguard of the Crumbling Citadel, Spragg now dwells in Citadel Cavitius since the other fortress's destruction during an attack by the inhabitants of Citadel Sealt.

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