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Sif is the Norse Power of dueling, excellence and skill, as well as a superb warrior-woman. She is married to Thor and is the mother of Uller and Modi. Loki once played a prank on her, cutting off all of her beautiful golden hair. When Sif’s angry husband came to take revenge, Loki was forced to replace the hair with locks of real gold which grew just like true hair. This hair had been crafted by a pair of clever dwarves who, flushed with their success, went on to create many other wondrous items, such as Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, Odin’s spear Gungnir, and his ring Draupnir.

Sif has the power to increase anyone's skills. She seldom does this, however, and will never grant this boon to an individual more than once in their life. In her true form, Sif is slender woman of great beauty. She has locks of pure gold, and often carries a long sword with her.

Sif looks after young warriors and all those dedicated to excellence in their pursuits. When such an individual is in dire need of aid, there is very small chance that she will send her avatar to help. If the individual is capable of wielding the avatar’s sword, the avatar will leave it behind as a souvenir of Sif’s blessing.

She resides with her husband in Asgard. Their hall, Bilskirnir, is in the region of Thrudheim, a mountainous area known for violent storms and landslides.

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