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Shami-Amourae, the Lady of Debased Eros, was one of the first succubi to emerge from the Abyss, born from the lust of the first mortal souls to populate that plane in the Time Before Time. After the War of Ripe Flesh she was more powerful than ever, becoming the patroness of depraved sexuality.

Eventually she became the consort of Demogorgon, manipulating his two heads against one another, promising each that she loved him the best in order to keep their sinuous necks wrapped around her delicate little finger. She overreached herself when she directed them to invade the Realm of Malcanthet, however, for Malcanthet had been spying on Demogorgon's court, and could tell the Prince of Demons how Shami had been manipulating and betraying him, using her power over lust to become the true ruler behind his throne. Disgusted at himself, Demogorgon had Shami imprisoned within the Wells of Darkness, and Malcanthet became his new favored lover.

Before her imprisonment, Shami-Amourae was allied with Demogorgon, Pan, and Tlazolteotl. She had an uneasy truce with Pazuzu. Her enemies included Aphrodite, Hanali Celanil, Hera, and Ishtar.


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