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Sandmen are natives of the Quasielemental Plane of Dust. Brought to the Elememental+Plane+of+Earth by the Dao as slaves, they may earn their freedom only by bringing replacement slaves to dao nobles, to take their places. The dao use magical amulets to bind their spirits and ensure they do not run away, even when sent on missions to other planes. On the Elemental Plane of Earth free sandmen are sometimes allies of the Pech. On their home plane they wander in small families, avoiding quasielementals and slaying them if they can.

A sandman's name describes it exactly: it is a manlike biped made entirely of sand. They speak no languages. They do not speak at all, but their dao masters somehow know what they're thinking.

The main power of a sandman is the ability to force any within 20 feet of them to fall asleep. When they're slain, they crumble to dust.

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