Ravel Puzzlewell

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Ravel Puzzlewell, one of the most powerful of the Gray Sisters, is even more hideous than most other Night Hags. Her dark purple skin is dotted with scabs, warts, and hairy moles; her body is stick-thin from near starvation, though her sagging pot belly refuses to deflate. A few long wisps of hair hang from her spotted head. Her bloodshot eyes peer from beneath a single furry brow. She wears a tattered dress of white, gummy cobwebs.

Ravel, like all night hags, is from the Gray Waste. Once she played the Blood War for profit, selling larvae to both the Baatezu and Tanar'ri. In prehistoric times she removed the mortality of the Nameless One. Ravel would pose impossible riddles to people, riddles only she could answer, and she would devour the person that answered incorrectly. Ravel was a mistress of all the Dark Arts. She hounded a Guvner that dared quote Sigil law to her with shadows that devoured him all but his tongue, his fingers and the flesh of his face.

Ravel could change her shape like water and would use this power to destroy some for amusement and steal knowledge from others. Eventually she set her sights on Sigil, convincing a baatezu regiment to help her sacrifice the entire population of the City of Doors in a dark ritual, but for her troubles she was consigned to a Maze of thorns and Razorvine by the Lady of Pain.

In the period since, Ravel's mind has deteriorated, leaving her consciousness detached from the passage of time. She knows the way out of her maze, for example, but will not leave because she believes it will be many years before she discovers it. It's important for her to do things in the proper order.

She has at least one daughter, Kesai-Serris, who has not undergone the ritual to make her a true night hag.

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Dragon Magazine #264
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