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Rakshasas are natives of Acheron, typically with pretensions of nobility. They may be more lawful than Evil, but make no mistake: they're still fiends. They don't spawn from mortal petitioners. They revere their racial deity Ravanna, who typically appears as a rakshasa with ten heads, and generally speaking the highest ranking and most powerful rakshasas (rajahs or maharajahs) may have multiple heads. Tiger heads are most common, but baboon, mantis, and other types of heads are also known.

Subraces of rakshasa include:
Common (Monster Manual) - sorcerers
Zakya (Eberron) - warriors
Naztharune (MMIII) - spies
Ak'Chazar (MMIII) - necromancers
Naityan (Tome of Battle) - shapeshifting warriors
Rukh (2e) - knights
Rajah (2e) - nobles
Maharajah (2e) - greater nobles

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