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Rajaat, the magicbringer, was a native of Athas, a member of a race called the pyreen, which had the characteristics of many races at once (perhaps like mongrelmen). Eight thousand years ago, during that world's Green Age, he discovered magic, and used it to attempt to bring back that world's lost Blue Age, but ended up turning the sun a dark red color and bringing ruin to the land with the unleash of defiling magic on Athas.

About 3,500 years ago he led fifteen epic champions masters in both magic and psionics to slaughter every race but the one that had been around during the Blue Age - halflings. After many races (kobolds, wemics, pixies, gnomes, etc) became extinct on Athas in the Cleanising Wars, the remaining champions discovered his plan and imprisoned him in a Demiplane called the Hollow in a plane called the Black (which most associate with the Plane+of+Shadow althought are different planes).


Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Expanded and Revised

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