Radiance, Quasielemental Plane of

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Burning and featureless, this is the most barren of all planes - that's likely to be most folks' impression of Radiance. It ain't necessarily true though. Travelers who've been there will tell a body it's a place of aching beauty. Every color ever imagined glows and burns with painful splendor. They'll tell a soul about the curtains of color crashing over each other like waves on a beach, and as they talk, tears'll form in their dead, blind eyes.

That's the way it is. It's a joy and beauty that'll burn a berk right out, that'll show him the most beautiful glories he'll ever see and the last he's likely to ever see. What's the point of seeing more, after a body's seen the greatest lights of all? A few bloods, though, have the skill to go there and come back with their eyes. There are reasons to go, too. Steel forged in the light of Radiance takes on properties that can't be created anywhere else. Blades burn with the light of the sun, mirrors reflect more than is seen, and other wonders a berk can't imagine are made. Then there's the Heart of Light, a tower of blue light that stands at the border of the Positive+Energy+Plane. Great healings are supposed to be possible there.

Special Physical Conditions. Movement on the plane of Radiance is similar to that on Air. However, Radiance is as fiery hot as the plane+of+Fire, and travelers will suffer the same damage unless protected from the heat. Furthermore, travelers must shield themselves either with continual darkness (which only creates weak shade here) or thick lenses of smoked glass. Otherwise, immediate blindness occurs.

Special Magic Conditions. Conjuration/summonings reach the planes of Radiance, Fire, Smoke, Magma, Lightning, Mineral, and the Positive+Energy. No other special conditions apply.

Natives and Hazards. Efreet sometimes visit this plane, but they find no allies among the natives. Celestial creatures, such as Aasimon, Archons, and Eladrins, are welcomed here for their own respect and admiration for light.

Natives include quasielementals, mephits, sciles, darklights, prismflies, rainbow+dwellers, and Glimmerfolk.

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