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Ra is the father of the Egyptian Pantheon. He gave birth to Shu, who became the air, and Tefnut, who became moisture. He is the grandfather of Geb (the earth) and Nut (the sky), and the great-grandfather of Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephythys. Together, these gods form the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, the city of the sun and their Realm in Arcadia. He is said to have created mortal man from his tears.

Every day, Ra rises above Manu (the hill of sunrises) aboard his great boat Manlet and looks down upon the world with his blazing eye (the sun). Manlet is a large war galley that was constructed from solar flames and is sheathed in an aura of fire that will inflict 40 points of damage each round (no saving throw) to any being that touches the craft without Ra’s permission. At night, Manjet transforms itself into Mesektet, a funeral barge, and Ra guides it back across the waters of the underworld, so that he may once again cross the sky in the morning. In both forms, the craft radiates an antimagic shell that prevents anyone but Ra from employing spells. In addition to its obvious ability to fly, the craft can become invisible, assume a wraithform, or plane shift when commanded to do so by Ra. Thrice per day Ra can command Manlet (but not Mesektet) to deliver a bolt of solar fire at any target in his sight. This bolt always hits
There is a great bond between Ra and rulers of lands where the worship of the Egyptian pantheon holds sway. Without his divine grace, they cannot rule. Anyone who claims the throne without approval from the sun god will be instantly consumed by fire. There is no warning, no chance of survival, and no hope of resurrection.

Ra is the patron of many things, but is most commonly associated with the sun and kings. He is noted for his diplomatic skill and his general dislike for the humans he created from his tears.

Legends & Lore (2nd ed.)
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