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Quorlinn is god of the Kenku. In many myths, he is a botched experiment by a powerful non-lawful sky Power too embarassed to admit his failure. But Quorlinn proves his worth in a series of dubious escapades involving trickery, disguise, deceit, and thievery, often emerging with some tail feathers missing, to bring his creator some choice item. The greater god relents and Quorlinn has a race created in his image.

Quorlinn isn't enthralled with this, as he doesn't care for the responsibility. He teaches the kenku thievery, disguise, and magical skills and hopes they can stand up for themselves. Many of his worshipers have turned to Pazrael.

Quorlinn appears as a normal kenku wearing a black mask with a large false nose (this mask is also his holy symbol). A lesser power, he is neutral in alignment.

Sources: Monster Mythology, On Hallowed Ground

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