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Quesar are celestial constructs shaped from the mud of Belieren, Elysium's hidden layer, by a group of Aasimon from a lawful plane. In a fortress they called Nellis-thur, they began to craft. Unlike the clumsy, nonsentient golems crafted by mortals, the quesar are radiant, free-thinking beings infused with life, made to absorb and release the energy of daylight. They are virtuous, strident, and compassionate by design. The Aasimon observed their glowing creations and thought they could do no wrong.

The quesar, created to be servants of the aasimon, knew free will and elected to rebel. The conflict between quesar and aasimon shook Elysium's four layers.

Powerful, ancient beings of Elysium intervened. While the aasimon had been created to be servants themselves - though what had happened to their own powers, and what drove them to Elysium, is left unsaid - they were told in no uncertain terms that enforced servitude was not the way of Elysium. They looked at the quesar, then, and told them firmly that armed rebellion was not acceptable on the plane of peace.

They made their judgement. The aasimon responsible were banished and the quesar were set free. But, they explained to the liberated constructs, they were expected to be on their best behavior.

Although the quesar are now free, they were isolated, as the aasimon now shunned them, blacklisting them from Celestial society. Only the Eladrins and asuras were their allies. What's more, the quesar had no way of making more of their kind. There have been experiments with Belieren's fertile mud, but thus far no success.

The quesar appear as slender humans with narrow faces and pointed ears. Their seemingly delicate forms radiate incredible amounts of energy which the quesar can vary in intensity. The energy encompassing an enraged quesar has been likened to that of a newborn star.

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