Queen of Chaos

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The Queen of Chaos was an Obyrith lord of the Abyss long ago, in the Age Before Ages. She warred against the hosts of Law, slaying the Prince of Demons Obox-ob and replacing him with her Tanar'ri consort, Miska+the+Wolf+Spider to lead her obyrith, tanar'ri, slaadi, and Elemental armies against the Wind+Dukes+of+Aaqa. For a time, she terrorized countless worlds.

Miska, and the rest of her army, were finally defeated at the Battle+of+Pesh. Miska was imprisoned in Agathion, the fourth Layer of Pandemonium. The Queen of Chaos hid herself away after that, and has not been a major force in the Abyss since.


Book of Artifacts
Rod of Seven Parts
Fiendish Codex I
Dragon #357

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