Queen of Air and Darkness

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The Queen of Air and Darkness is the ruler of the Unseelie+Faerie+Court in Pandemonium, a court of twisted, evil elves, fey, and undead. An invisible husk of a being, she is driven to drive the Seelie+Court and the fey into darkness and destruction, leaving only the shells of their bodies remaining.

Once upon a time, the Queen was a princess of Ladinion, the original home of the fey. When her sister Titania was away, a group of dwarves presented her with a mysterious, ten-faceted black diamond as a well-intentioned gift. The gem, thought now to have been created by the dark god Tharizdun, corrupted the queen and destroyed Ladinion, forcing the Seelie+Court to become the wandering thing it is today.

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