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Quasi-elementals are a class of Elemental spirit, beings who personify the Quasi-Elemental+Planes.

Positive quasi-elementals are lightning quasielementals, steam quasielementals, mineral quasielementals, and radiance quasielementals. Each typically resembles a roughly humanoid creature made of the substance of its plane.
Negative quasi-elementals are vacuum quasielementals, salt quasielementals, dust quasielementals, and ash quasielementals. Like positive quasielementals, they usually look like roughly humanoid forms made of the substance of their plane; the exceptions are vacuum quasielementals, whose plane has no substance. Vacuum quasielementals are beings of nothingness, or absence.

Quasi-elementals are normally neither good nor evil, although the negative ones are particularly hostile to normal life. Vacuum quasielementals prefer to be left alone, and lack the destructive impulses of other negative quasi-elemental beings.

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The Inner Planes
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