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Quasi-deity may refer to three seperate things (reflecting the Rule+of+Threes):

  • In 1e, quasi-deity referred to an immortal hero, not quite a god, but no longer entirely mortal.
  • In 2e, quasi-deity was a designation used to describe certain divinities that didn't properly fit the mold of true deities. Apomps, the creator and deity of the gehreleths, was one such 'quasi-deity', with a level and scope of power that in some ways seemed to exceed what it should have been capable of given its comparatively shallow base of worshippers. Graz'zt and the Animal Lords were also called quasi-deities. They were also called near-powers.

  • In 3.x D&D, a quasi-deity includes any Divine Rank 0 individual, and this 3.x designation appears to have more to do with the 1e use of the term, although it is not the same. In 3.x, the rank of quasi-deity comes with a number of defined powers and immunities; other than immortality and freedom from class restrictions, 1e quasi-deities had none. Half-divine beings like abominations are also considered quasi-deities in the current edition of the game.

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