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Qotal, called the Feathered Dragon and the Plumed One, is lawful good. He is one of the gods worshipped in Maztica. He is portrayed as a golden dragon covered in feathers. Qotal oversees the portfolio of Feathers, Butterflies, Mayz, Goodness, Health, Wind and Air, Clouds, Couatl, Macaws, and Eagles. He opposes human sacrifice, and exists in equilibrium with his brother Zaltec. He replaced Jazirian in Toril after the latter god's aspect was destroyed by Merrshaulk. Qotal is very similar to Quetzalcoatl.

Qotal dwells in the realm of Tlazcautli (also called Tlaxcautli), the Home of Eagles, in Jovar, the sixth of the seven heavens of Mount Celestia. There, lawful and good Maztican souls reside in an unending pyramid with Archons in the form of eagles.

Maztica Campaign Set
Serpent Kingdoms
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