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Phlegethos is the Inferno, a realm of volcanoes, streams of magma and burning sand beneath a screaming rain of magical fire flakes.

The Pit of Flame is a boiling, fiery sea of refuse empowered by the primal energy of Baator. It is a place of both promotion and punishment for Baatezu across the nine circles. Thousands of osyluths watch it to ensure that it is not abused.

Phlegethos' capital, Abriymoch, is a fortress city built on the lip of a volcano. It has little tolerance for outsiders, but important allies of Fierana, the Lord of the Fourth, have their places in its society. The pit fiend Gazra, commander of the hamatulas, dwells here in a palace of crystal.

Most of Phlegethos is inhabited by the hamatulas, though other Baatezu live there as well.

In the fiery plains beyond, the Sumerian goddess Inanna lives in a realm called the Jealous Heart.

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