Parliament of the Concordance

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The Parliament of the Concordance is an assemblage of celestials who gather periodically to discuss strategy or discuss the nature of good. They include representatives of the Aasimon, Archons, Eladrins, Guardinals, and Asuras. They are chaired by Arch-Penitar Zora Sebirati, a Solar.

Debates within the Parliament have raged without reaching a consensus for as long as the assemblage has existed, with some celestials preaching pacifism, others wanting their races to band together against the fiends, and some believing that without evil, good would be meaningless.

Occasionally, squabbling breaks out between the lawful and chaotic celestials. The orderly archons call for the total eradication of the Tanar'ri, for the Baatezu are a foe they can understand and maneuver against. The asuras and the chaotic aasimon, on the other hand, can't imagine the triumph of law - which is what the victory of the baatezu would entail. They prefer the random actions of the tanar'ri, believing that chance should determine the fate of the multiverse.


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