Pa Hsien

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The Pa Hsien, or Eight Immortals, are legendary heroes who gained everlasting life through Taoist doctrine. They dwell together with Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Fu Hsing in an Ethereal Demiplane called the Land of the Immortals.

  • Han Chung-li is a fighter-priest and a great teacher, fond of parties.
  • Chan-kao Lao is a powerful conjurer who road around on a white donkey he could fold up like a piece of paper.
  • Lan Ts'ai-ho is a powerful priest who was forced to posess the body of a dead beggar after his body was destroyed while visiting Lao Tzu in incorporeal form. He is honored by pharmicists and exorcists.
  • Li Ts'ai-ho. The patron of gardeners and renowned street singer. He rose to heaven on fumes of wine. A druid and bard.

  • Han Hsiang-tzu was a youth who loved flowers, music, and poetry. He grew plants with poems on their leaves. He's a powerful bard.

  • Ts'ao Kuo-chiu is a rogue and reformed murderer who became one of the Eight Immortals because there happened to be a vacancy. That's bureaucracy for you.
  • Lu tung-pin is an eight foot tall wizard and alchemist, famous for fighting evil spirits.
  • Ho-Hsien-Ko is the only female of the eight. She attained immortality by eating mother-of-pearl given to her by a ghost. Jackie Chan does a great impression of her in the original The Drunken Master.

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