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The orrekin (singular: orrek) are Lomendur native to the Outlands. They sometimes serve mortal spellcasters as familiars.

An orrek’s general form looks human, but its body is squat and muscular, with rounded shoulders and long arms. Its hands are large and tipped with iron-hard, retractable claws. Orrekin are covered with short, soft fur, which is usually gray but may also be brown or black. Their glittering black eyes, short necks, broad teeth, and rather narrow heads suggest kinship to a rodent. But if this appearance evokes any negative reaction, this is usually soothed by the orrek’s lively manner and pleasant, if simple, way of speaking. Each orrek can take on three forms from the following list: salmon, owl (large), fox, and squirrel.

Source: Dragon #86

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