Order of the Planes-Militant

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The Planes-Militant are a Sect founded a thousand years ago in Mount Celestia. They believe in defending their Mountain at all costs from chaos, doubt, avarice, and evil. They've greatly expanded their holdings by causing land to slide from Arcadia and the Outlands, making those regions more lawful and good by restraining those of lesser merit. They can also be found in Bytopia and Arcadia proclaiming their beliefs.

The Order is ruled by a prefect chosen after a week of speeches followed by a blind ballot. The Prefect of the Order is always advised by a Planetar.

Chaotic bashers are not permitted in the Order of the Planes-Militant, though evil beings are permitted if they swear to abide by the sect's rules, which include oaths of poverty, chastity, obedience, and a promise to spread the word of Good, and forbid forced conversions. Most evil Brethren don't last.

Philosophy: Defend Law and Good. Defeat Chaos and Evil. Honor the virtues.
Nicknames: The Children of Heaven, the Brethren, the Faithful
Headquarters: The First Monastery of the Planes-Militant in Solania.
Sectol: Prefect Increase VII (Female human/cleric 15/Order of the Planes-Militant/LG)
Alignment: Any non-chaotic.
Symbol: A blazing sun at the end of an eclipse.


Planes of Law

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