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Often referred to as the “All-Father,” Odin (sometimes called “Woden,” “Othinn,” or “Votan”) is the leader and creator of the Norse Pantheon. Along with his brothers, Vili and Ve, he slew the great frost giant Ymir and made the earth out of the giant’s body. He also, directly or indirectly, fathered most of the Norse gods and helped create the first man and woman. Odin’s first concern is battle, but he is also the god of knowledge, wisdom, poetry, and inspiration.

Odin has many powers. When sitting on his throne in the hall Valaskialf, Odin can see anything happening anywhere. He can use telepathy on any being within three hundred miles of one of his avatars, and he can inspire a berserk rage in up to 1,000 men at a time. Odin is also an accomplished magician, and can use any arcane spell as an Archmagi. He possesses a magic ring, Draupnir, which produces a non-magical twin of itself every night. This twin is worth quite a bit on the open market. Odin also carries a rune wand which has the following powers: It functions as a rod of rulership, can summon small number of elementals of Odin’s choice, can store twelve spells of his choice, drain life levels and vitality from anyone but Odin who touches it, and cause the instantaneous death of any mortal.

Unlike most greater powers, Odin cannot raise the dead, and can himself be killed (but only during Ragnarok). Healing anyone forces him into a deep sleep for days. Odin rarely uses this healing power, as Loki has demonstrated a great propensity for causing trouble when Odin is indisposed.

In his true form, Odin appears to be a man of about fifty with a patch over one eye (he traded the missing eye for a draft from the Well of Knowledge). He has a bald head and a long gray beard, and usually wears a gray tunic beneath a hooded cloak of blue. He is often accompanied by two old wolves and two ravens which perch on his shoulder.

Heroic, proud, and stern, Odin resembles the typical Norse chieftain in temperament and outlook. He is primarily concerned with power - his own in the norse Realm of Asgard, and that of his worshipers on the Prime Material Plane. Only two things will make Odin angry with a worshiper: helping a giant or losing a battle.

Odin has several animals that aid him in maintaining his dominion over both realms. Perhaps the most impressive of these are Freke and Gere, two aged wolves with graying muzzles who wander the planes gathering information for him. These wolves can teleport at will throughout Ysgard, can see any hidden object, and can sense all things magical.

In addition, he has two ravens, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) who perch on his shoulder.

Odin rides an eight-legged steed named Sleipnir. This magical horse can move across any surface (including water) and fly through the air. Sleipnir can also teleport to or from any location in Ysgard, and allows no one to mount him without Odin’s permission.

He resides with his einherjaar in his realm of Valhalla, shaped like a enourmous longhall. Valhalla is on the layer Asgard on the Plane of Ysgard.

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