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Obox-ob is the Demon Prince of Vermin. His Realm, catalogued as the 603rd Layer of the+Abyss, is called Zionyn.

Obox-ob's body is an insane thicket of spidery limbs scrabbling for purchase with razor-sharp talons arrayed around a scorpion-shaped body. Where a face should be writhe three immense tails, each tipped with a jagged stinger that seeps black venom. Where a tail should be is a thick neck surmounted by a horrific, six-eyed face with a vertical maw.

Zionyn is a realm of vermin-infested jagged badlands abutting vast oceans of thick syrupy resin. The ekolids that serve as Obox-ob's debased aristocracy construct enormously
complex hive cities by dipping mortal victims into this foul-smelling

Obox-ob once held the title Prince of Demons, until he was destroyed by the Queen of Chaos. He got better.

One of his imprisoned aspects is the secret ruler of the Blood Shallows, the 81st Layer of the Abyss.


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