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Mystara is a world on the Prime Material Plane. It is most relevant to Planescape as the homeworld of Farrow. It is also the world on which the ancient Baatorian Zargon is imprisoned. Rather than gods as such, Mystarans revere powerful entities known as the Immortals (see Mystaran Immortals). The Immortals are divided into five major factions: Energy, Entropy, Matter, Thought, and Time.

Mystara is unusual in that it is hollow, with nations dwelling on the inside surface of Mystara's globe as well as the outside. The interior is lit by a "sun" that is actually a portal to another plane. Mystara has two moons: Matera, the visible one (very similar to Earth's moon), and Patera, the invisible moon, which is populated by a race of tiger-like humanoids known as rakastas (not to be confused with Rakshasa).

The two most powerful empires on Mystara are the fighter-ruled Thyatis and the wizard-ruled Alphatia, which has a minor spacefaring presence. Alphatia, which was originally colonized by refugees from another world, sank beneath the sea during the recent cataclysm known as the Wrath of the Immortals. It resurfaced in the hollow world.

Thousands of years ago, Mystara was dominated by a kingdom called Blackmoor, which combined magic with technology. The Blackmoor culture was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust remembered as the Rain of Fire, which tilted the planet's axis, but some remnants of its technology remain.

Official Mystara website: Vaults of Pandius

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