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Mishakal the Healer is the wife of Paladine. The patron of life, healing, hope, nurture, love, beauty, happiness, blessing, knowledge, and fertility, she is known to almost every civilization on Krynn. Terrance, the Athar Factol, was once one of her clerics.

Her other names include Ka-mel-sha, the Healer in the Home (in Tarsis), Mesalax (in Thorbardin), Meshal (in Icewall), Mishas (in Ergoth), Quenesti Pah (in Silvanesti), Quen (in Qualinesti), Skymistress (in Goodlund), and the Blue Lady (in Balifor and Highlo). She is also called the Light Bringer and the Healing Hand. Her symbol is an infinity sign and her color is sky blue.

Her Realm, Healer's Home, is in Amoria, the first Layer of Elysium.

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