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Mammon, the Viscount of Minauros, dwells within the Sinking City of Minauros on the Layer of Baator of the same name.

Mammon is indirect and venomous, his schemes convoluted and twisted. He speaks in riddles, never coming straight to the point, even when giving orders. His servants emulate their master in this. The pit fiend Zimimar was a servant of his before she joined the Dark Eight. In the past, Mammon's consort was Glasya, whose father is said to be the Dark+Lord+of+Nessus, though she has since moved on to other tasks. His new consort is called Glwa.

The Viscount manifests as a huge snakelike being with a humanoid torso. His eyes are slitted and yellow, his tongue is forked, and he speaks in a sibilant whisper. He has power over disease.

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