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Malarea (pronounced Mahl-ah- ree -ah) is a bitter and envious baatezu+noble, exiled to Avernus. She despises many of the consorts of the Baator and desires (to the point of mania) to join their ranks. If she has to slay them all to claim her rightful place among them, she will do so unhesitatingly —but rude defeats on the occasions of her bold, direct assaults in the past have made her more cautious. Malarea remains a fiercely combative creature, however.

Malarea appears as a tall (7' tall), human-like female with huge black wings, which tower 6 feet above her own head when furled; in short, rather like an Erinyes. Her eyes are fiery red, her hair long, greasy, and black, her body sleek but powerfully muscled and of a faintly luminescent, “ghostly” white hue. Her hands have long claws, and she has large, vampire-like fangs.

Source: Dragon #91

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