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Magmins, also called magmen, are small, human-shaped beings from the Paraelemental Plane of Magma that radiate intense heat and are wreathed in an aura of searing flames. A typical magmin is 3-4 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.

Magmins are mischievous pyromaniacs whose main preoccupation is having fun. They are capricious and cause havoc by their very natures; they don't seem to understand that fire hurts people.  If hurt, their first choice is to run away. Once safe, they are curious and foolish enough to return.

On their own plane, magmins live in small tribes of hunter-gatherers organized around numerous extended colonies. Magmins have no sexes, reproducing by dividing into two smaller magmins after they reach a certain critical size. As curious as they are, magmins often look for vortices leading to other planes to sample the different tastes of the Multiverse. Magmins are rivals of the mephits, who they have no love for at all.

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