Maeldur Et Kavurik

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Maeldur was a Solar, who in ages past, was corrupted by the Baernaloth Daru Ib Shamiq, who spoke such terrible secrets in his ears that he became corrupted and changed. He became Maeldur Et Kavurik, a bloated being hidden away by the baernaloths and capable of giving the power to teleport without error to any being whose True name it knew. Thus did the 'loths sell this ability to the other fiends of the Lower Planes. In recent years, a party of adventurers, at the behest of beings of power, freed Maeldur of his torment by dumping him in the River Styx, allowing him to forget all the terrible things he had learned including the power to give others the power to teleport. Thus all the fiends, for a short time, lost that ability. How it is that the 'loths manipulated the situation so as to return that power is Dark.

Source: Hellbound (Squaring the Circle)

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