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Maanzecorian was the Illithid god of secrets. While nominally subordinate to Ilsensine, he was more pragmatic, and willing to cede some measure of Illithid superiority to the extent that he pushed that it was not only possible but prudent to learn some things from the minds of thralls before ultimately consuming them. He was horribly evil, sure, but he was more of a scholar than Ilsensine in some ways.

He was obliterated by the power of the Last Word, used against him by Tenebrous (aka Orcus during the period after he'd been killed by Kiaransalee). Tenebrous was seeking the Wand of Orcus which still contained a fragment of his original godhood and could have been used to restore him to life (before the Last Word consumed him as well). To this end, Maanzecorian was one of the deities or deity-like entities hunted down and killed by Tenebrous because they might have known where the wand was.

Others killed: Camaxtli of the Aztec+pantheon, the previous Primus of the modrons (there's a new one in power now, the old one is a Vestige), Bwimb the Archomental of Paraelemental+Ooze, and Tomeri.

Maanzecorian's petrified corpse is currently drifting on the Astral Plane, and his former deific domain of Rictus in Gehenna is slowly being subsumed back into the plane at large, though its petitioners have likely already in significant proportion become the main course on a 24-7 buffet to the native yugoloths and others (though the more powerful ones, and any proxies, may have either died the moment Maanzecorian did, or might have since been claimed by Ilsensine).

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