Lords of the Nine

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The Lords of the Nine[/b] are the rulers of Baator. Exactly what they are is somewhat of a mystery: some claim they are the greatest of the Baatezu, some claim they're ancient Baatorians, some claim they're Yugoloths or even Baernaloths. They hide themselves behind hundreds of names and guises; some doubt they exist at all, but their power in Baator is absolute. They are the dark, scheming intellects of their layers in concrete shape.

The Lords of the Nine each rule one of Baator's nine hells and are served by numerous baatezu+nobles and countless lesser devils. They spend most of their time scheming to steal territory from one another and building their cults of worshippers and diabolists on other planes.

  • Bel, Warlord of Avernus, was a "mere" pit fiend until he staged a coup against the former Lord of Avernus, Zariel. He remains beholden to the Dark Eight; though he technically outranks them, he is forced to obey their orders with regards to the Blood War. This is part of the price of his ascension. He is an old, cunning, and devious fiend, despite his divided responsibilities. His fellow lords do not trust him.

  • Dispater, Archduke of Dis, is one of the oldest of the Nine, and the most conservative. He never leaves his shifting tower in the iron city that bears his name if he can help it. His trademark is the twisting of emotion toward his ends.

  • Mammon, Viscount of Minauros, is a serpentine riddler, fond of words and deception. He rules over poison and disease.

  • Fierana is the fiery Lady of Phlegethos, a moody, unpredictable beauty whose changeable ways mask a willful dedication to Law.

  • Levistus is the Prince of Stygia, as icy as Fierana is hot. Levistus has been imprisoned in an enormous iceberg for eons, but he keeps his domain in line through his indominable force of will. He seeks conquest of the entire plane, starting with Phlegethos, Malbolge, and Cania. He has the power to inflict amnesia on those who displease him.

  • Glasya is the ruler of Malbolge, a layer of deadly rockslides. She rules in a palace made from the bloated skull of the previous ruler, the Hag Countess.

  • Archduke Baalzebul, or Triel+the+Fallen, was once an Archon banished from Mount Celestia for an ancient crime. He has torn his layer apart attempting to build a city of perfect beauty, but he is never satisfied. He is called the Lord of the Flies.

  • Archduke Mephistopheles rules the frozen wastes of Cania, but lately he has been experimenting with hellfire as a surprising addition to his arsenal. He would conquer Nessus, but he feels he must first deal with his greatest rival, Baalzebul, who also covets that position.

  • The Dark+Lord+of+Nessus is overlord of the entire plane. He, she, or it is the most shadowy and obscure of all the Nine. The Dark Lord is said to carry a ruby rod as a mark of office, and some whisper the name Asmodeus. The Dark Lord remains the unquestioned ruler of the plane by pitting the other lords against one another and always being many steps ahead of everyone else.

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