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Limbo is the plane of uttermost Chaos, a place where raw elmements unpredictably transform into other elements or spontaneouslycombine to form complex compounds or surreal landscapes.

It's a storm, a soup, a sea,a disaster, and a place of unfathomable creativity. A plane where strange smells are seen, stranger sounds smelled, and brilliant visions both please and terrify the ears and nose it is not. Mountains of water instantly dissolve into plains of flesh becoming ice ooze fireplasmadust-ash smoke/mineral misteam=magma radiance dimensional vortex timespace primordial lightning salt earthair watervacuum existentialism happiness the number q. letter

Limbo is the home of the toadlike slaadi and the zealous Githzerai. also chaos beasts chaos imps anarchic creatures chaos chaos chaos law chaos chaos chaos

anything everything nothing


Anarchs are able to manipulate this chaos-stuff into stable, more familiar terrain, structures and objects. The level of manipulation is dependent on the anarch's skill.

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