Quasielemental Plane of Lightning

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Also called the Plane of Storms, the Vengeful Land, or the Great Illumination, this plane (where the Elemental Plane of Air meets the Positive+Energy+Plane) is full of black clouds, the smell of ozone, omnipresent static, St. Elmo's fire, and a damn lot of thunder and lightning.

An electric blue structure called the Tower of Storms is on the far border with Positive Energy. Someone seems to dwell there, according to the locals, but no one's been able to get in and find out.

Lightning quasielementals vie with storm elementals, tiny feuding kingdoms of lightning Mephits, Shockers, thunder children, mrebb, uun, energons, Nimbus, and the occasional Djinni. There's even a djinni city called Stormfront.

The Inner Planes
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