K'ung Fu-tzu

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K’ung Fu-tzu, known as Confucius to many, is the Great Teacher. He is one of the great philosophers who advised the rival lords during the turbulent period of “The Hundred Schools.” K’ung Fu-tzu tried to teach his fellow man (especially rulers) to respect the wisdom of the past, to behave courteously and unselfishly, to be loyal to their family, friends, and countrymen, and to strive to do that which is right. By doing these things, he believed, life would become much more rewarding and serene for all men. Because of K’ung Fu-tzu’s great deeds, Yen-Wang-Yeh sent the sage to eat the peaches of immortality when he presented himself at the Palace+of+Judgement's First Law Court of the After-world, bringing him into the Celestial Bureaucracy.

K’ung Fu-tzu is concerned primarily with proper government and social relations, especially as fixed by the traditions of the esteemed past. When he notices a good-intentioned but inept or bungling ruler, he often sends his avatar down to act as the man’s advisor. If he notices a corrupt ruler or high-level bureaucrat, his avatar will be sent to expose the man. Omens from K’ung Fu-tzu usually include unexpected discord at court, peasant rebellions, and the breakdown of normal social relationships.

K'ung Fu-Tzu now dwells in the Land of the Immortals with Lao Tzu, Fu Hsing, and the Pa Hsien.

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