Khan of the dao

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The Great Khan of the dao – currently Kabril Ali al-Sara al-Zalazil – lives in the Sevenfold Mazework at the center of the Great Dismal Delve on the Elemental Plane of Earth, and rules with a sure eye and an iron heart. He is unusually fat for a Dao, with none of the strength of limb that most of his nobles have. However, his eyes are bright with schemes and he has a quick wit. He has a great interest in mechanical improvements in fields such as optics, clockwork systems, alchemical research, and metallurgy.

Visitors who desire an audience are expected to bribe guards and nobles to win entrance. All visitors are blindfolded and led to the court, a process that requires several hours. The khan prefers to ask constant questions rather than listen to the pleading of visitors. The khan prefers that his subjects and his audiences be humble and poor. Those unfortunate souls who arrive resplendent in their finery and wealth must make gifts of their riches to the khan. The khan is a powerful noble dao sorcerer.

Secrets of the Lamp
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