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Kelemvor, the Judge of the Damned,Kelemvor, the Judge of the Damned, is a god of death and the dead in the Faerunian pantheon.

Kelemvor is thought to have been a man, or a panther. They say as a cat he hunted down Cyric, who had usurped the throne of Myrkul, and held him down in his paws until Cyric gave up the throne to him.

Some believe Kelemvor is Myrkul reborn, returned to revenge himself on his usurper. If so, the death of the god of the dead has changed him; he seems less malevolent, more uncaring, more serene than the Myrkul of old.

Like Myrkul, Kelemvor is corpselike, his flesh waxy and bloodless, but unlike his predecessor he has not yet begun to decay. His face is covered with a mirrored mask, the silver skull of his office. He is also a panther, stalking the souls of the unrestful dead and carrying back to their ordained place, taking the souls of those who will not come willingly to their final judgement.

Kelemvor is concerned with the proper order of things above all else. He teaches his followers that every action has a price, no deed goes unrewarded or unpunished, and nothing is free. He judges each soul as they come to him and sends them where they must go. He dislikes it when the dead walk the earth after their time. He has no authority over those the other gods send back, only his own flock and those judged False or Faithless.

Kelemvor is very popular among the Dustmen. His realm, in Oinos, is called the Crystal Spire; it rises above the City of Judgement, which was once called the City of Suffering.

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